Trauma Therapy

I will help you process past attachment wounding and understand how it’s driving your symptoms and behaviors.

Do you feel haunted by memories or events from your past?

Are you looking to feel more safe, embodied and connected, freed from past traumas that are still showing up in the present?

I am a trained Trauma Therapist based in Portland, Oregon, and working online with clients throughout all of Oregon and California.

My training features multiple trauma modalities including EMDR and the Trauma Resiliency Model.

What is trauma exactly?

People often come to me wondering, is what they’ve experienced trauma?

Trauma and PTSD can occur in response to an event that goes beyond your ability to cope. This can look different for different people. What constitutes as traumatic for one person may not be experienced as a trauma for someone else.

Single incident traumas can occur after events like a car accident, an isolated assault, medical surgery, a complicated birth experience, a betrayal and so forth.

It is not uncommon however for someone to have experienced chronic traumatic experiences. This type of trauma also can stem from a variety of different experiences. It might look like a childhood in which neglect or physical, emotional, or sexual abuse were repeatedly present. It may arise from persistent bullying, domestic violence, an emotionally abusive relationship, a job in which your life or the lives of others were at risk.


The symptoms of trauma can be psychological, emotional, behavioral and physiological.

You might recognize some of these trauma symptoms:

Intrusive thoughts






Inability to concentrate

Feelings of shame, self-loathing or worthlessness.

Feeling disconnected or numb

Difficulties trusting people or trying new things

Avoidance of people, situations and memories related to the trauma

Moving forward from trauma can be difficult to do alone. You might feel stuck and unsure if you’ll ever feel free from the painful memories. It can feel very lonely and isolating. Trauma can bring up feelings of shame for people and the belief that it was their fault or they did something to cause what happened. Feelings of low self-worth and self-loathing aren’t uncommon. You might think no one will ever understand what you’re going through. You might feel powerless or hopeless that things will ever change. If any of these things sounds familiar, just know you’re not alone.

“What you needed to do to survive might be very different from what you need to do to live.”

-Rachel Remen

I understand feelings of safety and trust are a prerequisite to trauma work. I provide a safe space to address past and present experiences by meeting you where you're at, in a gentle collaborative way, helping you to overcome the debilitating effects of certain events in your life at a pace that feels comfortable.

Healing is possible.

I help my clients connect to a greater sense of purpose and authenticity, unlayered from the stories and labels life has placed upon them.

Compassion, curiosity and humor are the heart of my practice. I will help you rediscover your inner strength and resilience as we work towards greater insight and meaning.

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Online therapy services are available to clients throughout Oregon and California

Remote therapy treatment by video call or telephone has proven to be a safe and effective way of addressing mental health needs. This option is always available to my clients.

"I have been to several therapists over the past 10 years and have made significantly more progress with Dacia than with anyone else."

"I finally feel stronger, healthier, and am actually very excited to enter into my next chapter with new knowledge about my past and patterns. You are a wonderful therapist!"

"When I first started working with Dacia, I was at one of the lowest points in my life. Dacia helped me connect to more self compassion and provided me with insight as to why my patterns kept occurring."

"I've been able to make so many positive changes in my life. Thanks for all that you do!"

"Dacia is nonjudgmental and will instantly make you feel welcomed and cared for...You couldn’t be in better hands than with her, so don’t wait any longer and take that next step today."

"Seeing Dacia was one of the best decisions I have ever made for myself. She helped me through a huge loss and life transition. She is also incredibly well-spoken and full of compassion."

"Literally can't say enough positive things about Dacia. She made me feel so completely valid and just respected as a human."

"I am currently seeing Dacia and have been making the investment in therapy for about 6 months now. I still have some work to do, but the changes in my life are undeniable. I would do this all over again in a heartbeat."

I look forward to meeting you.

Please feel free to explore my services and schedule a consultation if you would like to learn more about what our work together might look like.