Grief and Loss Therapy

Together we will process the painful feelings and memories, and learn ways to integrate and make meaning of what’s happened.

Is grief interfering with your ability to attend to your daily life?

Do you find yourself struggling with feelings of guilt, anxiety or depression in relation to your loss?

Do you find yourself avoiding feelings or reminders related to your loss?

Are you escaping into addictive behaviors to numb yourself or escape?

Are you struggling with questions like: who am I in the midst of this loss? How do I make meaning of these changes? How can I move forward and integrate the loss into my life?

I'm a certified Grief and Loss Therapist Therapist based in Portland, Oregon, and working online with clients throughout all of Oregon and California.

If you answered yes to any of the above, you may benefit from grief and loss counseling. I am a certified grief and loss counselor. I not only specialize in grief, I’m also intimately aware of the grieving process and how truly difficult it can be.

After the sudden and unexpected loss of my husband, I came to understand all too well how grief can capsize our lives and transform the visions we had of our futures in an instant.

Trying to find the balance between holding space for my feelings while also simultaneously showing up for the demands of parenting two young children who had lost their father wasn’t intuitive for me. It was through my own grieving process that my desire to help others through this experience was born.


Clients come to me unsure how to hold space for their painful feelings. They’ve oftentimes been told what grief should look like or how long the grieving process should be, and they feel ashamed that their experience doesn’t fit those stereotypes. Grief is one of the few universals in life yet we each navigate our grief in ways that are deeply personal and unique to us.

Grief transforms our lives, oftentimes literally overnight and we’re often left with no roadmap to help us process these losses. There is no right or wrong way to grieve yet we often pass judgment on ourselves or fix a timeline to our feelings, rushing ourselves through a process that demands we slow down and honor what was.

Grief is not something we fix, rather it’s something we learn to live with and integrate into our lives.

When we try and rush the bereavement process and avoid the painful emotions that arise from loss, we can prolong our suffering. Living with unresolved loss and guilt can give rise to many other struggles, including addictive behaviors, depression and anxiety.

I help my clients be open and present to their grief rather than fight it. Together we process the painful feelings and memories, hold space for laughter, tears and reminiscing and learn ways to integrate and make meaning of what’s happened.

Healing is possible.

I help my clients connect to a greater sense of purpose and authenticity, unlayered from the stories and labels life has placed upon them.

Compassion, curiosity and humor are the heart of my practice. I will help you rediscover your inner strength and resilience as we work towards greater insight and meaning.

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Online therapy services are available to clients throughout Oregon and California

Remote therapy treatment by video call or telephone has proven to be a safe and effective way of addressing mental health needs. This option is always available to my clients.

"I have been to several therapists over the past 10 years and have made significantly more progress with Dacia than with anyone else."

"I finally feel stronger, healthier, and am actually very excited to enter into my next chapter with new knowledge about my past and patterns. You are a wonderful therapist!"

"When I first started working with Dacia, I was at one of the lowest points in my life. Dacia helped me connect to more self compassion and provided me with insight as to why my patterns kept occurring."

"I've been able to make so many positive changes in my life. Thanks for all that you do!"

"Dacia is nonjudgmental and will instantly make you feel welcomed and cared for...You couldn’t be in better hands than with her, so don’t wait any longer and take that next step today."

"Seeing Dacia was one of the best decisions I have ever made for myself. She helped me through a huge loss and life transition. She is also incredibly well-spoken and full of compassion."

"Literally can't say enough positive things about Dacia. She made me feel so completely valid and just respected as a human."

"I am currently seeing Dacia and have been making the investment in therapy for about 6 months now. I still have some work to do, but the changes in my life are undeniable. I would do this all over again in a heartbeat."

I look forward to meeting you.

Please feel free to explore my services and schedule a consultation if you would like to learn more about what our work together might look like.

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_Your absence has gone through me like thread through a needle. Everything I do is stitched with its color._ -W.S. Merwin, _Separation_

Grief is the Price of Love